Love To Love became a reality in 2019 when, at the time, 6 year old Abigail witnessed her first homeless encampment on the way to Easter brunch. She asked many questions, she pondered over her uneaten food and, as we left, she made the decision to make a difference in other's lives. Our family drove to the store, purchased enough personal care items to make 20 bags and Love To Love was born. 

In two years, Abby has handed out over 500 bags. Not only have her numbers grown, but so have her bags. From simple personal care items to clothing and food, Bags of Love have grown from gallon size bags to backpacks. Full of donated necessities and never-ending love, her bags are a way for her to show empathy and share a piece of her heart with those that so desperately need it. 


As Love To Love grows, Abigail has many ideas on how to continue to make an impact on our community. Her goals for the future include clothing donations, hot food handouts, living essentials and so much more. Love To Love will continue to care for those in need with the generosity and support of people like YOU!